Do you want Steem users to login to your Drupal, Wordpress or other PHP site? Yes, it's now possible for Steem users to use their Steem identity in order to log in to your Drupal, Wordpress or other PHP website. Before I tell you the story of the development of those 3 projects, let's have a look at some pictures... or just test the login using the Social Auth Login above and click the Steem logo !
For almost a year now, I've been developing for the french start-up eMindHub. I'm very happy and proud today to join the company as Lead Developer, both as an employee and an investor. eMindHub ? At the heart of eMindHub is the connection between :
Importing content into Drupal with Excel sheets is great for mapping columns to fields, especially for a non-technical client. But what if you have to import thousands of lines ? On Drupal 7 at least, you will probably be stuck either by a number of lines limit, or by an excessive slowness of the import. Today I had to fix an import tool to be able to deal with more than 8000 lines of content, for a major company's Drupal websites factory. The tool was extremely slow and stopping at 200 lines.