Published on Saturday, December 28th 2019

Drupal 8

I developed this module for my own Drupal shop site because I wanted a block with the page title and a responsive image with a parallax effect. The image can come from a node or a taxonomy field, and can fall back to your selection of default images in contexts where there is no responsive image field available.

gd header drupal 8 module

2.x is for Drupal theme developers, not any more "install and forget". The parallax is not included. I use Materialize CSS's parallax but any lib could be used since you can have the image URL in the Twig template. Of course it's not much, but if that's your use case, it might quicken your dev. I'm open to any suggestions to make it more interesting!

PS: Not so happy about Materialize CSS so far. I'm used to the exceptional MaterialUI for React and it's coming quite short in comparison. Any suggestions for an awesome UI toolkit apart from the usual suspects ?

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