Drupal expert

Drupal developer since 2008 with the version 5, I build Drupal sites by choosing the best way to implement functionalities with Drupal Core and the main contrib modules. Most of the time, I work on average to very big size websites. With the experience, I can build a website while respecting Drupal's best practices and optimize it for better performance, great stability and a mastered evolutivity. I'm a professional member of the Drupal France association.

Blockchain expert

For 2 years now, I've been investing a lot into blockchain development, particularly Ethereum. My experience as lead developer allowed me to develop a great knowledge of smart contracts and Solidity. I also build decentralized apps (dApps) or hybrid frontends, taking into account the Ethereum connectivity and the transactions management. At last, I developed several tools for the Blockcerts ecosystem, an opensource standard developed at MIT to issue blockchain certified credentials.

Senior web dev

I've been developing websites since 2001 and it's my main job since 2004. In almost 20 years of experience, I still am found of discovering new technologies. If I come originally from the PHP world (Wordpress, Drupal, then Symfony and Laravel), those last years I've developed a lot in JavaScript technologies, for instance to develop frontends in React, RESTful APIs with Node.js. I would define myself as fullstack with a backend tendency.



From 2004 to 2016 I was engineer at CNRS ("Website builder and writer"). I developed and administrated a website for a large community (more than 10 000 people), first in custom PHP then with Drupal 5 and 6. Then, I took part as a Drupal expert in a transversal team to rebuild all public CNRS websites in Drupal 7. At last, CNRS often asked me advice on Drupal websites and to take part of professional committees, both internal and external, as a web expert.

In freelance

Since 2017 I am a freelance developer. I mainly offer Drupal and blockchain development and expertise . My direct clients are french big companies in any sector, governmental agences often in the international cooperation and education, as well as schools, universities, various size businesses and web agencies. I work on Toulouse exclusively and in remote, where I have a lot of experience of cooperation methods and tools. I can work by the task or by the day, take in charge whole projects or integrate a team. My administrative status is "portage salarial" at Webportage / Nodalys. It basically means that I invoice my clients through them, and then they pay me, but that I manage all my leads, clients, prices, etc. all by myself.

Social networks and contact

Don't hesitate to contact me, I'll answer by email when possible.

I have a 80% professional use of Twitter and sometimes tweet other content.

Find my professional profile on LinkedIn and from time to time some posts.

On GitHub you can see how I'm involved in opensource projects, as an author, participant or user.

On you will see my contribution to bug fixing, modules improvements and a few contrib modules I authored.