Guillaume Duveau

Drupal developer & Lead developer

Drupal developer

I am a Drupal developer since 2008 with the version 5, then 6, 7 and 8.

Today, I only develop in Drupal 8.

But what does "Drupal developer" mean ? There are in facts 3 main fields of competence : the Drupal developer so to speak, the Drupal site builder and the Drupal themer.

Blockchain developer

I started developing on the Ethereum blochain in november 2017. At first, I co-developped a Drupal suite of Ethereum modules working with Web3.js and Solidity Smart Contracts.

Now, I am developping the prototype for the Talao Decentralized Autonomous Organization. My main focus is on the end-user web interface of the DAO, in ReactJS. Step after step, I am investing myself into smart contracts developments as well. (

I am Lead developer at, the evolution on the blockchain of the South-West France based startup eMindHub. Before joining the company, I have been working with them for more than 1 year as a freelance.

Now, the time is very exciting intellectually with all those completely new paradigmes and techniques. I'm very gratefull to all you Ethereum, Web3 and React developers that built such awesome tools. I'm trying to help with PRs and sharing my work.

My experience


I was web engineer at CNRS (French national scientific center) from 2004 to late 2016. I developed and managed a website for a large community (more than 10 000 people), first in custom PHP and then with Drupal 5 and 6. There, I started to develop Drupal modules and themes.

As a Drupal expert, I co-lead CNRS' web platform redesign project under Drupal 7. I also made an intranet prototype with Drupal 7.

At last, CNRS often asked for my advice on Drupal sites. CNRS also asked me to join internal and external professionnal selection boards as an expert.

In Freelance

I am a freelance developer since 2017. I work from Toulouse, France, and I can go work in the client office in that area. Or I can work remotely.

I'm working in web agencies where I build websites and develop back-office code. My services are mainly requested for Drupal, but I also work in Symfony, Zend, Wordpress. The final clients are medium and major companies.

I'm also developing for a startup in the aeronautics field, which uses Drupal extensively. Their processes follow the industrial norms and I learnt a lot from them.

Future ?

I desire to develop mainly in Drupal 8 for upcoming projects, with Symfony of course. I prefer the big projects, rationally managed and involving a lot of team work.

I'm getting more and more invested in web sites industrialization : development and staging architecture, environments and configurations management, behavourial tests (Behat), continuous integration (Gitlab-CI, Jenkyns, Travis...) or semi-automated (Ansible...).

Freelance missions, long-term contracts or partnerships... I will consider any mutually benefical business proposition which would, among others, allow me to explore further those fields.

To know more

Contact me

For work examples, contact me, because what I could show would not be representative. Indeed, I signed some confidentiality clauses, 99% of my code is never publically released and some web sites I worked on are still in finalization.

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Here are my professional social network profiles, and also accounts on opensource communities. I don't check them everyday so you might have to be a little patient, but don't hesitate to add me to know more about me!

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Unfortunately, I can't allocate as much time as I would like to share as much interesting information as the information I'm consuming. But from time to time, I can publish an article on my blog. Enjoy your reading!