Developer activity is a small module that I just released on It fetches local users activities on and on into custom entities.

Only public endpoints are used and they at each cron. So all you need are a user ID and a user name fields for your Drupal users (and of course install the dependencies, which is just Migrate plus 8.x-5.x.

You can then create Views with those custom entities, for instance.

This module is not a big deal, really, but I thought it could be valuable for other developers websites. Also, it's always interesting to have new Migrate API examples to have a look at. The Atom feed migration was especially annoying with namespace problems; ultimately I had to fallback to using local-name and would be interested if anyone has a clue to fix this (I tried quite some time and no online solution was working for me).

Developer activity item entities management


This is a great project Guillaume!

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